E-Commerce Solutions

Comprehensive E-Commerce Service

Are you tired of paying extortion prices for an online order service? Do you feel like you have a silent partner in your business, taking good commission? Do you just want an order online website with minimum fuss and a set monthly fee no matter how much business you do? Then you have come to the right place!


Fast Shop Ecommerce is an online web solution that can be integrated in your existing website or to a new website created by us. It has a simple and easy to use interface which is adaptable to fit your company branding style.

Polished Responsive Design

Fast Shop Ecommerce has a responsive design, this means that the website will adapt to the size of your display. Whether you view your website on a monitor, tablet or smartphone, your website will always look amazing.

We will create a website that is all yours; we register your domain under your own business. You will have rights of ownership and we as an IT consultancy only provide a service.

As approved developers of Barclays, we are experienced in taking secure payments on the website. Fast Shop Ecommerce can also be directly linked to any of our other fast shop products, so you can get orders straight to your till.